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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tutorial: Mini Seafood Pasta Polymer Clay food

It is another tutorial of mini polymer clay food creation. This time I bring you a mini seafood pasta food.

You can have a look in my video, for the detail description, please read below.

First, you have to prepare to roll pasta. You roll till the size you wanted. Then you tidy up the strings of pasta together.

Next, you can roll some white and orange clays into small sticks, then you arrange them into alternatively like: white, orange, white, orange, white and orange. Note you have to put the orange strip at the end, because later you will need to make the orange part into a shrimp tail.

After making the white and orange strips, you have to cut it into several strips. Then, you have to roll a bit in order to make it like a small worm. Using an exacto knife, you can cut the orange part into half. Then you press a bit on each orange part, in order to make it like a split shrimp tail.

To make some green and black olives, you have to use a metal rod to help. This metal rod I use is from a long T-pin.  Just roll flat the olive /black clay, then wrap around the metal rod, after that you pull out the metal carefully, then you will have nice olive canes!

Last step is only arranging the ingredients together on the miniature plate. Bake and glaze, then a delicious cute mini seafood pasta is done!

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