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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Again?! New magnet sets: Sushi Maki polymer clay magnets

There are so many different types of "sushi", but they are not only named "sushi". Just like italian pasta, there are hundreds of different names for different shapes. Let me explain:

This is the most popular type, and it is often being mistaken as "sushi". This rolls is with a layer of nori (seaweed) layering with a layer of rice with some fillings at the core.
Sushi   Of course, a ball of rice topped with various types of different toppings.
Gunkan maki
A bar of rice is wrapped around by a strip of nori, then topped with different ingredients. 
 Uramaki This term looks strange for you, but you must know this type. This is a type of having a layer of rice rolling outside of nori.

With my high spirit of creation, I m making lots of new creations! Those new polymer clay magnet sets consist of Califonia roll, Egg sushi, Fat Tuna sushi, Salmon maki, Tuna Gunkan maki, Vegetable Uramaki, Caviar Gunkan maki, Shimp sushi and Salmon Roe Gunkan maki.

 You can watch those magnets in my YouTube Channel, yay!

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